Italy: nurturing prosperity in the economic landscape


In the heart of the Mediterranean, our roots run deep in the historical cities of Genoa and Trieste, Italy. These cities, steeped in the rich tapestry of the logistics and shipping industry, serve as the strategic pillars of our global headquarters. With a legacy dating back decades, we have established ourselves as a cornerstone in Italy's vibrant economic landscape.
Our physical presence in Genoa, Naples, Ravenna, Trieste, Venice allows us to seamlessly cover all Italian ports. Beyond our headquarters, our extensive network of agents ensures that we can navigate the intricate web of Italy's coastline efficiently.

Our Liner Agency stands as a unique entity in the competitive landscape, representing several prominent shipping lines. In recent years, our Tramp Agency has experienced substantial growth, particularly in the steel logistics sector of northern Italy. We cater to all types of goods, with a dedicated focus on serving the major players in the steel industry.

In Italy, we've forged essential joint-ventures with industry giants COSCO and ARKAS that help the Italian system to receive better the commercial inflow with two other important countries such as China and Turkey. Also this JVs show the relevance to create business relations with terrific counterparts. These partnerships solidify our position in the market and enhance our capabilities to deliver unparalleled services.

To meet the dynamic needs of Italian production, our warehousing services span the North and Center of Italy. Complemented by our brand Express Global, active for over 25 years, we play a vital role in the freight forwarding industry. Our building and warehouse are investing in a process towards a more sustainable approach. With our Genoese HQ and warehouses investing in solar panels to be energetically independent and with lower carbon-emissions.

Italy's exclusive yachting destinations, such as Portofino, the South of Italy, and Venice, find their dedicated service provider in our Yachting division companies. We cater to the unique demands of discerning clients in these picturesque locales.
Beyond the realm of logistics and shipping, our offerings extend to diverse arenas. We provide global services in digital products, insurance, and business travel, ensuring comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our top management's commitment to investing, job creation, and business development has earned us recognition from esteemed institutions. Our President holds the honorary title of Cavaliere del Lavoro, a testament to our dedication to the betterment of the entire country.

At Fratelli Cosulich, our connection with Italy is not just business; it's a narrative of pride, innovation, and sustained contribution to the nation's prosperity.

Fratelli Cosulich Group is operating worldwide, with key areas of the world under its expertise