Inspired by tradition, connected to the future: this is the principle of our Management. With a family leading the way for almost 170 years and a top management built on high professionalism, the Group is fiercely sailing to its targets.

Board members

Our Group began as a family-owned Group. This has created a sense of unity from the very beginning, facilitating and promoting collaboration and synergies between the various members and companies that comprise it.
Freedom of thought, respect for rules and dedication to work are our guiding principles, which have always represented the Board members. In 170 years, the Group has experienced many changes and faced many challenges. In recent years, the activities have undergone significant expansion and diversification, which has led the Group to complement its core business, shipping, with other very different areas, such as the metal industry.
Fleet after fleet, stem after stem, brick after brick, we’ve always maintained the focus on two key points: people and common values.

Leadership spotlight: discover the Managers of the Group

At the heart of our Group's success lies a set of shared principles that have been with us since our inception.
Our Managers, spread across the different companies of our Group, are not only leaders in their respective domains, but also representative of these common pillars. This approach fosters collaboration and synergy both within the team and with the other companies.
The result is a collective effort that goes beyond individual boundaries, driving innovation and excellence. Our Managers exemplify our commitment to unity, promoting a spirit of cooperation, making us stronger together.