Cosulich Assicurazioni S.r.l., established in 2011, is the dedicated insurance department of our Group, with offices located in Genoa. Initially focused on serving our maritime clients, we now provide comprehensive consultancy and analysis, specializing in risk management, policy drafting, claims handling, and employee assistance. Our goal is to support both our Group companies and their clients, particularly in the logistics sector.


In 2022, we transformed into reality our strategy to be at the service of Group companies, acting with the only goal of creating synergies with and for the Group companies. We are working to build on the success of our freight forwarding business unit by launching the innovative "Cargo Insurance Master Program" alongside our well-established "Freight Forwarding Liability Master Program". 
The newly developed offering enabled all of our companies to provide comprehensive and customized insurance coverage for our customers' goods. Furthermore, we expanded our insurance programs to include haulage businesses both within and outside the Group, broadening our reach and strengthening our market position. 

Furthermore, we made significant progress in assuming the Group's bulk fleet's insurance coverages, with the goal of achieving standardized costs and conditions across all of our owned ships. This strategic initiative streamlines our operations while also improving our risk management capabilities. Last year, we started a fruitful collaboration with our affiliated Trasteel Group. 
We are working together to create new insurance solutions that address the unique cargo and liability risks that their newly added entities face. This collaboration strengthens and expands our portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to meeting our clients' changing needs

Last but not least, our most notable achievement last year was the project that resulted in the adoption of new insurance solutions for Group employees. In keeping with our corporate commitment to well-being, we successfully launched a new corporate program “welfare”. This comprehensive Health Insurance initiative has been already adopted by several companies, ensuring that our valued team members have access to high-quality healthcare services.


"While economic returns are important in the competitive landscape, it is synergies and added value that truly distinguish a diverse group. The Insurance Activities of the Fratelli Cosulich Group demonstrate this through innovative programs, strategic collaborations, and comprehensive offerings. We provide unrivaled competitive advantages by leveraging the collective strengths of the Group's companies. It's not just about the numbers; it's about fostering a dynamic ecosystem that promotes growth, resilience, and exceptional service. In a world where differentiation is key, the Fratelli Cosulich Group definitely stands out."

Our companies involved in the Insurance Activities activities