Embarking on a maritime legacy spanning over 160 years, the Fratelli Cosulich Group takes pride in its Shipowning activities, a testament that focused on excellence, then safety, and now sustainability. Our diverse fleet, including bunker tankers, dry bulk carriers, and cutting-edge LNG bunker tankers, operates globally, setting new benchmarks in the maritime industry.


At the core of our Shipowning endeavors, our fleet comprises bunker tankers, dry bulk carriers, and soon, LNG bunker tankers. Six bunker tanker vessels, chartered to major oil companies, have navigated the waters of Singapore Bay, while the two LNG bunker tanker vessels mark a significant investment, becoming the first units under the Italian flag.

Our dry bulk carriers, with Vulcania standing as the largest at 82,000 DWT, primarily serve the steel industry. Over the past four years, our fleet has expanded through consistent investments, offering time and bareboat charters to better serve our industry partners.

Ensuring the highest industry standards, all our vessels are classed and maintained impeccably. We extend our expertise to third-party owners through comprehensive ship management services, covering technical and commercial management, crewing, and insurance. Our commitment to sustainability drives initiatives to reduce environmental impact, investing in fuel-efficient vessels and participating in industry-wide efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Fleet and steel makes a rhyme

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"As custodians of maritime legacy, our Shipowning activities are fueled by a commitment to excellence, safety, and sustainability. We navigate the seas with innovation and responsibility, meeting the evolving needs of the shipping industry and our valued clients."

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