Established in 2020, Fratelli Cosulich LNG is a dynamic addition to the MarineEnergy. With a proactive approach, this venture aims to extend its influence across the Mediterranean, contributing significantly to the evolving landscape of marine bunkering.

Leadership in action:
The inception of Fratelli Cosulich LNG reaffirms the leadership role of the Fratelli Cosulich Group, actively shaping the future of marine bunkering. Through its subsidiary, ECOS S.r.l., integral to the management of FSRU TOSCANA, FC LNG has engaged in offshore operations, covering re-gasification, cargo transfer, and cargo handling.

Decarbonizing maritime transport:
At the forefront of environmental responsibility, Fratelli Cosulich LNG is set to make a substantial impact on the decarbonization of maritime transport. The company is currently advancing an ambitious project—a cutting-edge (8,200 m3) LNG Bunkering Vessel equipped with Dual Fuel technology. Anticipated for delivery in early 2023, this vessel stands as a testament to FC LNG's commitment to driving positive change in the industry.


Fratelli Cosulich LNG management

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