Unified by timeless values since 1857, the Cosulich Group fosters enduring connections and unwavering dedication. Embracing tradition, innovation and personal growth, we thrive together, shaping an inspiring environment of excellence and unity.

In recent years, our Group has experienced a significant growth, made possible by the skills, commitment, energy and contribution of our greatest asset: our people.
We have built this expansion on the values and features that characterised us since our foundation. And today, for us they are still a source of pride.

Enduring values, shared by a big team. At Fratelli Cosulich Group, our low turnover and close-knit community reflect the spirit of a family that has preserved five fundamental values, since 1857. Our commitment to these values shapes every aspect of our operatiuons, from the Board members to every employee of our Companies.

Fratelli cosulich we are cosulich

We are Cosulich

We are guided by tradition, but driven by values and innovation.
Our Group operates with unwavering commitment to the five core values that define our industry.
In our activities, tradition and innovation coexist, integrity and excellence are our compass, and our people are at the heart of everything we do.

Fratelli cosulich growth and training

Growth and Training

At Fratelli Cosulich, our Trainee Programmes are designed to expose talents to a variety of enriching and cross functional learning situations, offering hands-on experience and networking opportunities.
We embark on a journey of personal and professional development., exploring the comprehensive training and growth opportunities that expande skills of each one of you, enriching our career within the Group.

Employees' success stories

We thrive together in our united community.
Our Group is characterised by a low turnover, fostering enduring relationships and strenghening synergies.
Watch some of our remarkable journeys, exemplifying our values and commitment to excellence.

25 years in the Cosulich Group.
Stefano Abate, CFO of the Group, talks about his personal and professional experience.

In 25 years within the Group, Stefano Abate has found that the values that have distinguished the Cosulich generation have remained exactly the same for the fifth. Freedom of thought, spirit of cooperation, no rigid structures, respect for rules and dedication to work: these elements, combined with a strong sense of responsibility, motivation and ongoing commitment, are the secret of the Group's success.

Within Fratelli Cosulich Group you can explore your career path.
Unlock your potential and take your chance to grow, learn, and contribute to our business.

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