Embark on a journey with our Liner Agency, a harmonious collaboration that seamlessly blends decades of maritime expertise and cutting-edge innovation. In the face of global shifts, our agency has stood the test of time, evolving into a dynamic force that connects continents with precision and excellence.


Even amidst global shifts and constant changes in the maritime world, our Liner Agency maintains a pivotal role as shipping agents. Representing major shipping line companies, our agency has become synonymous with reliability and adaptability, navigating the complexities of international shipping.
Our team, stationed in key locations, operates seamlessly between offices, ensuring agility and efficiency. Our primary offices, strategically placed in proximity to major industrial areas, allow us to offer a diverse range of options to our global clientele.

Powered by a network of agencies and advanced IT integration, we craft tailor-made services, meeting the specific needs of multiple shipping lines across various ports. At the core of our success lies innovative in-house software, a flexible and user-friendly tool tailored to our unique needs. This centralized database is not just critical for operational benefits but also enhances accounting, financial, and business intelligence activities.
Our highly qualified staff, interchangeable between lines and offices, forms the backbone of our operations. With a commitment to efficiency, they handle the coordination and management of cargo, ensuring the safe and swift transportation of products worldwide.

Facilitated by our extensive network and strategic partnerships, our agency ensures seamless connections between continents. From standard containers to specialized cargo, we offer comprehensive logistic solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

Our Italian offices serve as a strategic hub for engaging with shippers and logistics operators, allowing us to build lasting relationships with over 600 customers. Every shipping document is meticulously controlled to ensure compliance with necessary regulations, and our accurate accounting system tracks every financial transaction.
Operating in the Balkans, our affiliated company in the region has established itself as a prominent shipping agency. With a strategic presence in crucial areas, it offers comprehensive services, leveraging its affiliation with major shipping groups globally.


"As we navigate the seas of progress, our Liner Agency remains dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions, contributing to the growth and efficiency of the shipping industry globally. We are not just agents: we are the architects of seamless connections, weaving a narrative of excellence in every voyage."

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