Established in 1924, Saimare stands as one of the most significant players in the national and European freight forwarding sector, holding a prominent leadership position. With a rich history dating back to 1893 when it assisted emigrants bound for colonies and the Americas, the company officially took on the name "Espresso Bagagli" in 1924. Later, in the 1970s, it assumed its current name. Acquired by the present shareholders during the privatization of the "Gruppo IRI/Finmare," Saimare has evolved into a powerhouse of knowledge and experience, boasting over a century of service alongside shipping and logistics operators.

Comprehensive range of services:
The legacy of Saimare is built on providing a comprehensive suite of services that spans the entire spectrum of cargo, vessels, crews, and passengers. The company's commitment to excellence and quality is evident in its continuous development and expansion of services.

Evolution and modernization:
Over the years, Saimare has evolved into a robust network and a key player on both national and European fronts. The company continually enhances its presence in the industry by prioritizing service quality and excellence. A testament to its commitment is the utilization of a modern and efficient computerized system, ensuring streamlined operations and cutting-edge service delivery.

With a century of accumulated expertise and a focus on adapting to the evolving needs of the shipping and logistics landscape, Saimare remains a cornerstone in the industry, dedicated to providing unparalleled assistance to goods, vessels, crews, and passengers.