Embark on a global trade journey with our Freight Forwarding business unit – a beacon of growth, strategically expanding through acquisitions, partnerships, and synergies. Our diverse brand portfolio defines us as leaders in the forwarding industry, acting at global level with a local expertise.


Our growth narrative unfolds through strategic acquisitions and synergistic partnerships, establishing a global footprint. Operating under prominent brands, our offices and warehouses strategically dot the globe, from New York and Hong Kong to Istanbul, Antwerp, Genoa, and more. 

Our comprehensive forwarding services cover sea, land, and air transport, offering tailored solutions, end-to-end supply chain management, multimodal services, and specialized cargo transport, including general cargo, dangerous goods, and temperature-controlled goods. Collaborating with the IT unit, we streamline transport procedures, implement web portals, and employ Business Intelligence solutions for real-time control.

Our comprehensive logistics portfolio provides top-tier forwarding solutions in key markets. Tailoring our approach to individual client requirements, we specialize in crafting personalized solutions that cater to unique needs. With an emphasis on an end-to-end supply chain, our offerings ensure seamless integration across various transport modes through our multimodal services. From handling general cargo to managing dangerous goods and temperature-controlled items, our expertise in specialized cargo transport solidifies our commitment to delivering versatile and reliable logistics solutions.

Express Global, our unique brand for the global landscape

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"As leaders in Freight Forwarding, we commit to redefining global logistics with tailored solutions. Our strategic acquisitions and partnerships ensure we navigate international trade complexities with excellence."

Our companies involved in the Freight Forwarding activities