In the vibrant landscape of global logistics, Express Global Belgium emerges as a dynamic and strategic player, with its headquarters strategically nestled in the bustling port city of Antwerp. Established in 2022, this branch is the result of a joint venture between industry leaders Archimede Gruden and Express Global Slovenia (now known as TPG Express Slovenia). Today, it proudly represents the latest expansion of the overarching Express Global Group.

Strategic hub in Antwerp: a gateway to global trade
Antwerp, one of the world's most significant ports and the second-largest in Europe, serves as the ideal backdrop for Express Global Belgium. Specializing primarily in container, breakbulk, and chemical transport, this strategic location positions the company at the forefront of global trade. The port's prominence aligns seamlessly with Express Global Belgium's commitment to excellence and efficiency.

Expertise across the logistics landscape: a team of dedicated professionals
At the heart of Express Global Belgium is a dynamic team of experts, each specializing in different facets of the logistics landscape. This diverse skill set ensures that the company can navigate the complexities of global trade, always striving to provide optimal solutions to customer demands in terms of time, cost, and sustainability.

Global reach, local excellence: a network of offices worldwide
Express Global Belgium draws strength from its affiliation with the broader Express Global Group, enabling it to tap into a global network of offices. This interconnected approach ensures that the company can seamlessly provide top-notch services both locally and internationally. The commitment to exceeding expectations serves as the driving force behind every endeavor.

Exceeding expectations every day: a commitment to excellence
Express Global Belgium embraces the challenge of "exceeding our expectations" as both its motto and daily mission. This commitment reflects a dedication to offering solutions that are consistently excellent, tailored to the unique needs of each customer. In a rapidly evolving logistics landscape, Express Global Belgium stands ready to be the trusted partner, delivering world-class solutions with precision, reliability, and a forward-looking approach.