Our Group has seen remarkable progress on our strategic ourney to become an end-to-end logistics diversified group.
We’ve remained committed to our strategy and achieved exceptional results, expanding our portfolio of financial partners, securing our growth credit lines and healthy retained earnings.

AR 22 - Sailing on Crossroads

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Recently, we’ve engaged in successful M&A activities across different markets. The synergies between our operational and financial teams, as well as our companies and stakeholders, is a testament to our Group culture, which permeates both within and outside our organization.
We acknowledge the challenges of the evolving geopolitical environment. However, our diversified activities and adaptability position us to react promptly to our customers’ needs. We remain confident that our financial results will stay on track, thanks to our flexible approach and robust accounting and credit management systems.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the future, as we continue to evolve and set new standards in our industry. Our focus on transparency, sustainability, and financial excellence guides our journey at the crossroads of strategic decision and forward-thinking actions. We are committed to shaping a future that reflects our dedication to business and financial excellence, inspiring trust and making a positive impact on the environment and society.

At Fratelli Cosulich Group, we are always sailing towards new horizons, driven by our unwavering commitment to success and the values that define us.

AR 22 - Sailing on Crossroads

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"Our Group strides towards becoming a diversified logistics force. Through successful M&A ventures, we prioritize values and strong partnerships. The synergy among teams and shareholders reflects our 'WE as a Group' ethos. Despite geopolitical challenges, our adaptability ensures swift customer response, maintaining confidence in our financial performance. Focusing on transparency, sustainability, and financial excellence, we chart our future path, eager for new horizons. At Fratelli Cosulich Group, our unwavering commitment to success propels us forward, guided by our defining values."

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At Fratelli Cosulich Group, we're proud to share our remarkable journey of consistent growth over the past three years. In 2022, our annual turnover reached an impressive Euro 2.214 million, marking a significant 45% increase compared to the previous year.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. Our EBITDA also witnessed extraordinary growth, reaching Euro 68.675 thousand in 2022. This reflects an 80% increase compared to the prior year, a testament to our ability to seize unique market opportunities while maintaining cost-efficiency for maximum profitability.

We're thrilled to report that the net profit attributable to Fratelli Cosulich Group's shareholders surged to Euro 40.195 thousand in 2022, marking a remarkable 66% increase compared to the previous year. This achievement underscores our adeptness at managing operations and ensuring sustainable profitability.
Additionally, our net equity has shown steady growth, reaching Euro 211.531 thousand in 2022. We're dedicated to reinvesting our earnings to lay a robust foundation for future growth through strategic investments in assets and well-planned mergers and acquisitions.
Explore our continued journey of growth and success at Fratelli Cosulich Group.

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