Our Steel Activities business unit is a dynamic force in the landscape of the steel industry. With a heritage rooted in precision and innovation, we have emerged as leaders in steel production, forging strategic alliances and integrating a diverse network of companies under the umbrella of Fratelli Cosulich Group.


Our narrative of growth is driven by a commitment to excellence in steel-related products and services. With a strategic focus on precision and versatility, our business unit encompasses a multitude of companies, each playing a pivotal role in the collective success of the Steel Activities division.

At the heart of our operations is the Trasteel Group, with all its subsidiaries. In 2020, it became part of the Fratelli Cosulich Group. Its integration within our boundaries marked  a significant milestone, transforming us from just a supplier of logistics services to operators in the steel trading and manufacturing. This move dramatically enhances our position in the steel industry, reinforcing our dedication to stable and long-term relationships with reliable partners globally.

Under the umbrella of Trasteel, our Steel business unit gains a wide portfolio of operations . Founded in 2009, Trasteel has evolved into a visionary force, offering comprehensive trading services and strategic investments in the steel transformation sector. Trasteel Group was founded as the result of the vision of a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with 40 years of international experience in the steel industry. Headquartered in Lugano, it has over 900 employees operating in four trading desks and different industrial plants in Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Our Steel Activities department  is not just a collection of companies; it's a synergy of expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence in the steel industry. With a global footprint and a rich tapestry of capabilities, we are poised to shape the future of steel-related products and services, transcending industry standards and delivering unmatched value to our clients worldwide.

Transforming horizons: Trasteel's strategic move in acquiring Profilmec

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"As stewards of progress in the steel industry, our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our narrative. With a focus on precision and versatility, our business unit stands at the forefront of innovation and reliability, shaping the future of steel-related products and services globally. We don't just trade steel; we forge enduring partnerships and transcend industry standards, delivering unparalleled value to our clients across the world."

Our companies involved in the Steel Activities activities