In 2022, the Profilmec Group emerged as a dynamic force in the steel precision pipe sector, making a substantial impact on the industry. With a minority stake overseen by its top management, the group is a composite of several key companies, each playing a pivotal role in the collective success of Profilmec Group.
At the core of the group is Profilmec S.p.A., headquartered in Turin, where precision takes center stage. Specializing in the production of precision High-Frequency (HF) welded steel tubes and profile sections, the company utilizes pickled, cold-rolled, aluminized, and galvanized materials. Boasting a history spanning the last 50 years, Profilmec S.p.A. significantly contributes to the group's growth, with an impressive annual production capacity of up to 150,000MT of pipes. The company's modern organization operates within an extensive sales network that spans Italy and the rest of Europe.

In Pordenone, Ispadue S.p.A. stands as a vital component of Profilmec Group, contributing up to 150,000MT of pipes annually. The facility distinguishes itself through its capabilities in cold rolling, hydrogen annealing in EBNER furnaces, and surface rolling facilities. This enables the rerolling of coils with various characteristics, personalized upon request. Ispadue caters to market niches not served by large steelworks, providing small lots with short waiting times.

Precision finds its home in Turin  at LIFI S.r.l., specializing in precision steel tubes. Cold-formed and high-frequency welded tubes are crafted from hot-rolled, pickled, cold-rolled, and coated materials. With a total annual production of 8,000MT, LIFI's multifunctional production facility in Lombardore (TO) features cutting-edge CO2 and fiber lasers for custom cutting and processing of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel tubes.
In addition, in Turin CMP S.r.l., as the commercial division of the Profilmec Group, plays a crucial role in facilitating the distribution and sales operations within the group’s network.

ROLM S.r.l., located in Cavallerleone, positions itself as a key player in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-tech machines for tube production and sheet metal processing. Nestled in a 4,000 square-meter warehouse near Turin, ROLM offers a range of used and overhauled machines. The company refurbishes used lines to new standards, encompassing mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components.

Meanwhile, based in Teramo, SIM S.r.l. is a joint venture owned by the Group and the renowned Italian company Marcegaglia. SIM focuses on the production of steel pipes and cut-to-length pipes, contributing to the diverse portfolio of the Profilmec Group, while benefiting from collaboration with Marcegaglia’s expertise.

Simultaneously, marking its international footprint, in Belgrade (Serbia), Yugotub d.o.o. operates within a floor area of 7,000 square meters. Yugotub is equipped with three machines for welded tube production, a slitter for cutting coils, and three cutting machines. Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2003 and ISO 14001, Yugotub adheres to EN standards in its tube production. The company offers a versatile product line in compliance with industry benchmarks, establishing itself as a reliable source for precision tubes.