We STEEL believe: Trasteel private event


May 12, 2023

Business Unit

Steel Activities

Trasteel International SA, one of the main companies of the Fratelli Cosulich Group active in the steel industry, attended the Made in Steel 2023 with also a private event reserved to journalists and business partners.

Trasteel took this opportunity to showcast for the first time its corporate video, showing all its portfolio of services and brands active in the steel industry: not a mere video presentation, but, in the Gianfranco Imperato words, a “glimpse into the future”.

The video presentation has been followed by a Q&A session with Augusto Cosulich, Gianfranco Imperato, CEO of the Trasteel Group, and Giuseppe Mannina, Trasteel’s historical shareholder, on the establishment of Trasteel and its strong growth, future plans, and the critical situation due to the current macroevents. The general feedback focused on the positive situation, mainly between shareholders, with an idea of the future contained in just two concepts: investments and constant growth.

The event for Trasteel was one of the first at the communication level, and certainly represented a successful moment, considering that the reserved hall was all full.

Furthermore, in the audience was Walter Talpo, CEO of Profilmec, the company recently acquired by Trasteel itself.