We are dedicated to constructing and delivering a sustainable future wherever we operate. Prioritizing the enhancement of our ESG plan and the attainment of our ESG targets is of utmost importance to us: they represent the compass we will use to steer our Group towards the challanges of the future.

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Embracing Sustainability and Innovation: our ESG commitment

At Fratelli Cosulich, our history underscores our adaptability to new challanges, our dedication to innovation, and our significant contribution to the global shipping industry.
Acknowledging the prominence of sustainability, we strive to innovate and to produce a positive impact in terms of environmental and social challanges.

To achieve these goals, in 2023 we accomplished a materiality analysis that will enable us to prioritize crucial issues and chart a sustainable course forward. We believe in an holistic and integrated approach: we consistently align our business practices with sustainable principles. Our aim is not only to contribute to positive environmental and social outcomes but also to cultivate long-term business resilience.


"Since 1857 Fratelli Cosulich has been a family owned Company: innovation has always been the core of our growth. We are very aware that today we are accountable for the transition needed to ensure a prosperous future for all coming generations. We are focusing on understanding our impacts, setting targets and ensuring adequate progress towards a sustainable business model.
We are committed to engage with all internal and external stakeholders to define an ambitious plan that encompasses all different sectors and regions where we operate and I am confident we will succeed in this strategic, collaborative and challenging journey!

Take a deeper look at our activities

FY 2022

Annual Report evolutions
Annual Report GRI referenced on the subsidiaries' perimeter.
ESG activities
  • Creation of ESG internal awareness training sessions for all ESG Focal Points;
  • Identification of reporting perimeter and progress;
  • Collection of basic ESG data;
  • Implementation of an online tool to support the assessment of ESG performances;
ESG main outcome
ESG internal awareness.

FY 2023

Annual Report evolutions
Annual Report GRI in accordance.
ESG activities
  • Materiality analysis and subsequent definition of an ESG Plan;
  • Creation of an ESG Committee to support the implementation of the ESG Plan;
  • Support and advice for affiliated Companies on creating an ESG Reporting Roadmap;
ESG main outcome
ESG first comprehensive info for stakeholders.

FY 2024

Annual Report evolutions
Annual Report GRI in accordance with an extended perimeter.
ESG activities
  • Double materiality analysis to further define financial impacts on (and of) all material topics;
  • Stakeholder engagement activities to further inform Materiality Analysis and to assess the relevance of different topics for our stakeholders;
ESG main outcome
ESG Management of targets.

FY 2025

Annual Report evolutions
Annual Report fully respondend to CSRD with third party assurance.
ESG activities
  • Adoption of ESRS standards;
  • Monitoring ESG targets and actions;
ESG main outcome
Annual Report with ESG data assurance.

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