Embark on a voyage of luxury with Fratelli Cosulich Yachting, where tailor-made services redefine the yachting experience. As a premier business unit, we cater to yachts of all types and sizes, setting the industry standard and achieving worldwide coverage through our prominent brands – Agents, Pesto Sea Group, and Simmor Marine.


In the realm of yachting, our Yacht and Cruise Agency stands as a beacon of excellence. We dominate the market across the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Central America, East Asia, and the Pacific, thanks to our widespread global presence and multiple offices. Our extensive portfolio of services, crafted over years of dedicated service, encompasses catering, warehousing, shipchandling, and digitalized processes.

Recent strategic investments in the Cote d’Azur bolster our catering and warehousing activities, while M&A actions enhance our shipchandling capabilities. Digitalization has propelled us to industry leadership, streamlining processes and offering unparalleled support to captains worldwide.


"Our Yachting department, represented by the brands Agents, PESTO SEA Group, and SIMMOR, epitomizes luxury, innovation, and seamless service. Our commitment is to create an unparalleled yachting experience, marked by precision, sophistication, and lasting relationships."

Our companies involved in the Yachting Agency activities