Just Provisions stands as the epitome of excellence in meeting the diverse needs of guests and crew on yachts for more than a decade. This seasoned provider adapts seamlessly to the evolving demands of yacht provisioning, priding itself on a bespoke service, enduring relationships, and a unique approach.

Bespoke spectrum of products:
At Just Provisions, the spectrum of offerings spans ultimate luxury and quality essentials, all at unrivaled value. From delivering the finest ingredients on-demand for chefs to providing stewards with top-tier wines and delectable snacks, the shared goal is to make every guest's trip truly unforgettable. Just Provisions aspires to be your trusted partner throughout your yachting journey.

Commitment to long-term relationships:
Just Provisions not only ensures the efficient running of your department by delivering essential products but also specializes in sourcing high-profile items that are challenging to find. The team's attention to detail ensures that no request is too small or insignificant, consistently exceeding customer expectations and building lasting connections.

Sustainability at the core:
Dedicated to sustainability, Just Provisions prioritizes the use of reusable and recyclable materials, including compostable bioplastics. All cleaning products are sea-safe, contributing to a benchmark level of sustainability. Local sourcing and a commitment to reducing carbon impact further underline Just Provisions' environmental responsibility.

Data-driven efficiency:
From day one, Just Provisions has been building its core business on data. Accurate calculations of order weight and volume, along with a summary of consumption at the end of each season, empower clients to understand patterns and plan budgets effectively. The company's data-driven approach enables efficient yacht provisioning within budgetary constraints.

Functional logistics infrastructure:
With a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles and a food-safe warehouse, Just Provisions operates with versatility. Based in the South of France, the company collaborates closely with the local supply chain, ensuring quality products sourced from the Cote d’Azur and beyond. Relationships with national and international suppliers add to the versatility, enabling Just Provisions to select the best products for any budget.

Reliable platinum service:
Built on strong partnerships, Just Provisions operates a platinum service internationally through its trusted network. Reliability is a cornerstone, with deliveries consistently reaching the world’s harbors. Every product passing through the warehouse undergoes thorough checks for conformity and quantity, ensuring precise deliveries tailored to your instructions.

Compliance and safety standards:
Just Provisions' warehouse adheres to all food safety regulations, implementing HACCP requirements for chill chain control, product traceability, and monitoring of use-by dates. The company is prepared to supply all necessary information for audits or onboard issues, maintaining legal compliance by retaining records for three years.

Versatile logistics capabilities:
Just Provisions boasts versatile logistics capabilities, guaranteeing the fulfillment of any delivery request throughout Europe, including Turkey and Gibraltar. With a range of vehicles, all temperature-controlled, the company can handle dry, fresh, and frozen products, delivering anywhere in Europe with a 10-ton load capacity.

In essence, Just Provisions stands as the ultimate choice for yacht provisioning, offering an unparalleled blend of quality, sustainability, and efficiency to elevate every yachting experience.