Set out on a revolutionary journey with our customer-focused trucking and multimodal transportation options, leading the way for an innovative approach in international logistics. Showcasing target achievements, connection, and a superior eco-friendliness for a smoother logistics.


Since our strategic expansion in the first year of the millenium, the Fratelli Cosulich Group has emerged as a trailblazer in the global logistics landscape, orchestrating an extensive array of services to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. At the core of our operations are two vibrant segments: Trucking and Intermodal Solutions.
In Italy, our cutting-edge logistics hub showcases a commitment to eco-friendly solutions. Boasting a substantial fleet of over 90 trailers and 70 trucks, we prioritize the promotion of intermodal and multimodal transportation to combat air and noise pollution. Our ongoing transition to LNG aligns seamlessly with global environmental goals, underlining our steadfast dedication to sustainability.

Across the Irish Sea, our operations serve as a vital link between Ireland and Italy, solidifying our role with strategic alliances. Our resilient presence and subsequent full ownership of a local entity underscore our commitment to seamless logistics operations amidst the complexities of the post-Brexit landscape.
In Turkey, leveraging over 16 years of expertise, our operations have evolved into a logistics powerhouse. With a growing fleet and a strategic focus on Istanbul, the economic capital controlling 70% of international trade, our vision is clear: to be the benchmark logistics operator connecting Turkey to Europe and beyond.

Venturing across Central Europe, Italy, and the Balkans, our trucking operations, anchored in a commitment to quality and efficiency, spearhead our expansion into new territories. Excellence in every mile remains our guiding principle.Our rail logistics segment stands as the epitome of innovation, offering tailored solutions to complex challenges. Our commitment to professionalism ensures the safe transportation of complete trains and unique logistics solutions.

Established in 2023, our steel logistics segment reshapes the industry with a unique barge-based model. Our collaboration with industry leaders ensures a sustainable and efficient approach to steel logistics.Our ports management segment takes charge of critical ports, managing diverse unit transportation efficiently. Our focus on operational excellence and exclusive partnerships cements our role as a reliable logistics partner.
Our advanced express courier service, positioned strategically, introduces innovation aligned with our vision of adaptability.
As we navigate complex geopolitical landscapes and economic challenges, our unified vision revolves around precision, passion, and professionalism. From our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship to innovative solutions and strategic expansions, the Fratelli Cosulich Group remains at the forefront of shaping the future of logistics. Every mile signifies our dedication to delivering unparalleled logistics solutions globally. Join us on this journey, where excellence in logistics meets the world.


"As a forward-thinking member of our board, I am excited to share how our commitment to diversification and sustainability has led to the establishment of a robust presence in the trucking and intermodal transport sector."

Our companies involved in the Trucking and Intermodal activities