ARKO stands as a prominent trucking company with a robust presence in two key cities, Koper and Rijeka. Boasting a fleet of over twenty trucks, ARKO is dedicated to delivering top-notch trucking services that span across Central Europe, Italy, and the Balkans. The company takes pride in its commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Strategic expansion:
ARKO envisions expanding its footprint, not only maintaining its stronghold in the existing regions but also venturing into new territories. The company aims to establish local coverage in additional countries, with a keen interest in exploring opportunities in Hungary and Austria.

Market analysis and development:
As part of its growth strategy, ARKO is actively involved in analyzing the potential for business development in the Serbian market. The company recognizes the evolving landscape and seeks to leverage opportunities driven by market dynamics and customer demand.

Fleet expansion:
To meet the growing demand from customers and uphold its commitment to service quality, ARKO is on the lookout for suitable new or slightly used trucks. The expansion of the fleet is a strategic move to enhance capacity, efficiency, and the overall capability to serve clients with excellence.

Commitment to quality:
ARKO is renowned for its dedication to providing high-quality trucking services. The company's commitment extends beyond geographical boundaries, and it is poised to bring its exceptional services to new regions and markets.

Opportunities for collaboration:
Recognizing the importance of collaboration, ARKO is open to engaging with appropriate partners who share the vision of driving excellence in the trucking industry. The company believes that strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in achieving mutual success.

With a focus on expansion, fleet enhancement, and a commitment to quality, ARKO is driving towards a future marked by excellence in every mile. 

ARKO Shipping management