Since 1969, Fratelli Cosulich has been a pioneering force in the maritime energy sector, leading with dedication and innovation. As a global player, Fratelli Cosulich Marine Energy stands at the forefront of providing top-quality marine energy services to cargo and cruise ships worldwide, setting industry benchmarks and fostering enduring partnerships.


In the vast landscape of maritime energy, our mission is clear: to ensure a seamless supply of high-quality marine energy at competitive rates, accompanied by superior customer service. With over five decades of industry leadership, our global presence encompasses 11 strategically located offices, a dedicated team of over 100 professionals, and a commitment to trust, innovation, and sustainability.

Our portfolio spans bunker trading, shipowning, and ship management services, showcasing a depth of expertise and breadth of capabilities. Over the last five years, we've invested over $150 million in expanding and modernizing our fleet, aligning with evolving maritime regulations and ensuring excellence within the industry.

Fueling progress in the shipping industry, stem by stem

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Pioneers of the future: Alice and Paolina Cosulich supporting new naval frontiers

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"As stewards of maritime progress, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and lasting relationships defines Fratelli Cosulich Marine Energy. We navigate the seas with a focus on innovation, safety, and unmatched service excellence."

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Bunker Trading

Each day, our bunker trading operations guarantee the alignment of global fuel supply demands with the most competitive market offers, all while delivering unparalleled customer service.



We strategically invest in assets that underpin the physical operations of the marine energy industry. This involves the ownership of two small-scale LNG vessels and a fleet of barges operating in Singapore, a crucial global shipping hub.


Physical Supply

As a trusted supplier, we offer high-quality bunker fuels in key global ports like Singapore and Genoa. Committed to excellence and sustainability, our products meet the highest standards. With ISCC Certification, we provide superior fuels and biofuel blends, contributing to a cleaner, more efficient maritime future.


Small Scale and LNG

Our Small-Scale LNG units proudly fly the Italian flag, embodying our commitment to bolstering Italy's global maritime presence. These vessels feature cutting-edge technology for optimum efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility, marking our dedication to excellence in the marine industry.

Marine Energy takes pride in its advanced fleet, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, considering it as a vital member of its extended family. Reflecting this familiar connection, every ship is named in honor of the distinguished female members of the Cosulich family, in line with the company's core value of the importance of human bonds.

Maria Cosulich

Year of building: 2005
Dimensions: 99 x 18 x 10 m
DWT: 7032

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Luisella Cosulich

Year of building: 2012
Dimensions: 93.5 x 14.5 x 6.9 m
DWT: 3969.6

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Grazia Cosulich

Year of building: 2014
Dimensions: 90 x 15.8 x 9.3 m
DWT: 4998

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Emma Cosulich

Year of building: 2017
Dimensions: 114.9 x 19 x 10 m
DWT: 7997

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Margherita Cosulich

Year of building: 2018
Dimensions: 114 x 19 x 10 m
DWT: 7994

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Alice Cosulich

Year of building: 2023
Dimensions: 113 x 20 x 13 m
DWT: 5294

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Paolina Cosulich

Year of building: 2023
Dimensions: 113 x 20 x 13.5 m
DWT: 5294

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Marta Cosulich

Year of building: 2024
Dimensions: 113 x 19 x 9
DWT: 7990

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