Founded in 2005, Fratelli Cosulich Unipessoal stands as a cornerstone within the Fratelli Cosulich Group, playing a pivotal role in the maritime bunkering sector.

Expert professionals at the helm:
At the core of Fratelli Cosulich Unipessoal is a team of seasoned professionals, bringing unparalleled expertise to the intricate landscape of bunker trading activities.

Customer-centric approach:
Driven by a commitment to excellence, Fratelli Cosulich Unipessoal prioritizes a customer-centric approach. Tailored solutions, transparency, and professionalism define its interactions with clients.

Strategic presence in Portugal:
Situated in Portugal, Fratelli Cosulich Unipessoal strategically operates in a key maritime location. This positioning enhances its role as a reliable partner in the global bunkering network.

Adaptability in a dynamic sector:
In an industry marked by constant evolution, Fratelli Cosulich Unipessoal remains adaptable and forward-thinking. The company is dedicated to staying abreast of industry trends, ensuring its continued prominence in the maritime bunkering sector.