Pioneers of the future: Alice and Paolina Cosulich supporting new naval frontiers


Let's delve into how Alice and Paolina Cosulich, with their majestic presence on the maritime horizon, not only set new standards but actively support the evolution of new naval designs.These 113-meter twins, the result of an unprecedented investment by the Fratelli Cosulich Group, are crucial in the context of the growing transition to more sustainable propulsion systems.

Alice and Paolina, built with a combined value of $90 million at the Chinese shipyard Cimc Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering in Nantong, are more than just ships: they are forerunners of a future in which hybrid propulsion is the norm. Equipped with Wartsila's Dual Fuel technology and azimuthal propulsion systems, these ships embody efficiency and sustainability in a single solution.

But how do these ships fit into the evolution of new naval constructions? The answer lies in their key role in meeting the needs of the new generations of ships, increasingly turning to hybrid propulsion systems that combine traditional bunkers and LNG. Alice and Paolina thus become the bridge to a greener maritime future, facilitating the transition to more sustainable propulsion methods.

In an ever-changing industry, these twins not only sail the seas, but lead the fleet into an era where synergy between traditional bunkers and LNG is essential. Their commitment to reducing emissions and efficiently managing fuel makes them not only successful ships but true ambassadors of change in the global maritime landscape.

Operating now under a time charter with Titan and Petronas attests to the industry's trust in their reliability and performance. Alice and Paolina Cosulich not only navigate the present but also set the course for the industry's future sustainability, pushing it to new levels of innovation and environmental responsibility.

The christening of Alice Cosulich