Established in 2000, Femo Bunker stands as a prominent player in the global market for trading fuel and lubricants to yachts. Over the years, the company has not only grown but has also become a key player in the particularly demanding and discerning superyachts industry.

From seasonal to year-round operations:
Beginning with seasonal operations, primarily from June to September, Femo Bunker's market awareness expanded significantly over the years. Realizing the potential for more, the company took a strategic turn in 2005, venturing into year-round operations. This decision not only ensured continuity in volumes but also opened doors to new horizons.

Global expansion:
Femo Bunker's journey of exploration led to the development of winter operations based in St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean. From this strategic location, the company expanded its footprint across Lesser and Major Antilles, Florida, Panama, and Mexico. In 2010, responding to client demands, Femo Bunker extended its reach to the Middle and Far East, eventually arranging world tours to supply yachts in diverse locations, including French Polynesian Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, and South territories like Ushuaia.

Financial prudence and customer-centric approach:
The company's success in such extensive operations is attributed to its meticulous financial management and credit lines. Femo Bunker has nurtured relationships with major entities, fuel suppliers, and independent physical suppliers, boasting hundreds of credit lines. This financial acumen, coupled with a commitment to first-class customer service, has been instrumental in the company's global achievements.

Femo Bunker S.r.l. continues to set benchmarks in the yacht fuel and lubricants trading industry, reflecting a journey marked by strategic evolution, global expansion, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Femo Bunker management