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Ugo Pastorino, a Maritime Economics graduate from Genova, Italy, embarked on his career journey with a profound realization that shipping was his chosen path. Following a two-year stint as a Marine Officer at Capitaneria Di Porto in Siracusa, Ugo transitioned into the burgeoning Yachting Industry during its transformative phase.
Fueled by the vision of the Pesto brothers and Captain Antonio Cosulich, Ugo assumed control of Femo Bunker, a strategic move that proved instrumental in the company's development. Under his leadership, Femo Bunker has ascended to become a global leader in providing fuel to yachts.
Ugo navigated the challenges posed by the rapid expansion of the yachting industry, from intense competition in its formative stages to grappling with significant financial exposures due to fluctuating fuel prices. His expertise extends to navigating yacht taxation regimes, exploring new yachting destinations worldwide, and spearheading innovative projects amid evolving trends in fuels.


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