Founded in 2023, Fratelli Cosulich Middle East emerges as a stalwart force overseeing the operations of the distinguished LNG Small Scale and Vessel units – Alice and Paolina Cosulich. Beyond its primary focus, the company extends its expertise to manage various units within the Group, venturing beyond the confines of affiliated companies. This strategic expansion positions Fratelli Cosulich Middle East as a versatile leader in the maritime industry.

Comprehensive ship management services:
At the core of its mission, Fratelli Cosulich Middle East defines ship management as a relationship-driven endeavor, prioritizing safety, clients, and crew. The company's spectrum of services spans marine and operations, encompassing in-house expertise in ship operations, maintenance, bunkering, and a diverse fleet, including bunker/oil tankers, chemical tankers, LNG and LPG tankers, FSRUs, dry bulk, and general cargo vessels. The company excels in marine training and provides robust support in bunkering operations.

Technical excellence and consultancy:
Fratelli Cosulich Middle East excels in technical management services, offering a comprehensive suite that includes project management, budgeting, technical maintenance, inspections, drydocking, procurement, documentation, safety management system, newbuilding supervision, and more. The company extends its prowess into LNG and marine fuel consultancy, tailoring services to diverse needs, from training and simulations to technical advisory, procedure development, legal compliance, design, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

Crew Manning and Human Resources expertise:
A cornerstone of Fratelli Cosulich Middle East's success lies in its crew manning and human resources division. The company prides itself on providing highly trained and dedicated sea and shore staff with exceptional retention rates. Rigorous vetting precedes recruitment, ensuring a workforce continually evaluated and trained to the highest standards.

Maritime Academy:
Setting the stage for the future of maritime professionals, Fratelli Cosulich Middle East houses an advanced training center. This academy equips seafarers with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the ever-evolving maritime landscape, reinforcing the company's commitment to nurturing excellence at every level.

Fratelli Cosulich Middle East management