Nestled in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, Fratelli Cosulich Monaco SAM boasts a legacy of over 30 years as a dynamic force in the marine fuel sector. Originally operating as Chemoil Monde Export, the company earned its stripes under independent ownership, establishing a reputation for excellence in the maritime fuel industry.

A strategic addition to the Fratelli Cosulich Group:
In a strategic move to fortify the customer portfolio and expand influence in the Mediterranean Basin, Chemoil Monde Export joined the esteemed Fratelli Cosulich Group in late 2015. This union marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the Group's presence in the region.

A new chapter unfolds:
Embarking on a new chapter, the end of 2020 witnessed a transformative rebranding effort. Chemoil Monde Export transitioned into Fratelli Cosulich Monaco SAM, complete with a refreshed logo and a redefined identity seamlessly aligned with the overarching vision of the other Group entities within the marine fuel business unit.

Aligned for excellence:
Fratelli Cosulich Monaco SAM, standing at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, is poised to elevate the standards of maritime fuel excellence in the Mediterranean. With a rich history and a renewed identity, the company continues to chart a course towards unparalleled service and industry leadership.