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Simone Garuzzo, a professional rooted in Genova but infused with a New York sensibility, commenced his career in the maritime industry following internships during his university tenure. Initially serving as a sale & purchase shipbroker for commercial vessels at Burke & Novi and later with a six-year tenure at Bravo Group, Simone cultivated brokering expertise and nurtured vital industry connections.
In 2011, Simone's trajectory intersected with Fratelli Cosulich, initially exploring ship sales. Though that avenue didn't materialize, Antonio Cosulich presented an alternative, joining as a bunker broker, marking the inception of Simone's fruitful association with Fratelli Cosulich.
Commencing as a bunker broker in the Genova office, Simone expanded his proficiency across Mediterranean and Far East markets. In 2014, an invitation to work in New York broadened his purview to encompass the US, Canada, and South American markets. This enriching three-year stint concluded in 2017, prompting Simone's return to the Genoa office.
Back in Italy, Simone fortified key relationships, assuming greater responsibilities within the company. Persistent dreams of New York materialized in June 2023, as Simone relocated for a new chapter in his career. Presently, he stands poised to contribute to the ongoing success of Fratelli Cosulich in the dynamic landscape of New York.


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