Fueling progress in the shipping industry, stem by stem


Fratelli Cosulich Marine Energy positions itself as a pioneer in the maritime sector, leading the transition towards more sustainable navigation through the adoption of alternative fuels. 

Faced with the urgent issue of climate change and its profound implications, decarbonisation becomes a primary goal. Fratelli Cosulich Marine Energy, within the Group, is developing long-term strategies and investing in resources that will help achieve the low emissions targets set by the shipping industry.

Our philosophy takes a multi-level approach, including the use of biofuels and the exploration of alternative fuels. This strategy not only supports decarbonisation, but opens up new possibilities and sustainable solutions.

Alternative fuels and biofuels are critical for diversifying the energy mix and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. This diversification not only helps mitigate climate change, but also enhances energy resilience and sustainability. By promoting research and development in these areas, we intend to drive technological innovation to make these sources more efficient, convenient and widely accessible.

It is essential to underline our tangible commitment to sustainability. We currently boast two LNG vessels capable of significantly reducing emissions. Furthermore, we recently signed a memorandum of understanding to build an ammonia bunkering barge, further solidifying our commitment to alternative fuels. At the same time, a methanol bunkering barge is under construction, further demonstrating our dedication to a cleaner, more sustainable shipping future, beginning with our fleet.

Our commitment is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), which demonstrates compliance with the highest standards of sustainability and traceability in our operational processes. Adherence to these stringent standards confirms our desire to be a model of positive change and sustainability in an industry that is constantly evolving towards greater environmental responsibility.

On this path towards greener navigation, Fratelli Cosulich Marine Energy continues to position itself as a beacon of sustainability in the industry, actively contributing to shaping a cleaner and more promising future for generations to come.