Catalano Shipping Services was founded in 1997 in Monaco, with the aim to give the best support for large yachts.

The company has gradually developed and expanded through the creation of more offices, in strategic locations all over the Mediterranean Sea, but also in Asia and the Pacific in more recent years.

As a Yacht and Ship Agency, they offer berths, custom formalities, technical support, yacht clearances, concierge/event planning services, fiscal representation and much more. The company’s goal is to always keep improving the quality and efficiency of its services through highly capable and available teams but also by innovating, in the digital environment. Catalano Shipping is also involved in the field of shipment and consignment given the large number of deliveries they are taking in charge of vessels, they created a subsidiary company for it.

Specialized in express shipments, “La Route Du Sud” monitors their global on-time deliveries.

The teams that take care of yachting services have built strong relationships with the best suppliers, enabling them to assist their clients with suggestions and coordination to access the finest local products, activities, and establishments. Since 2002, Catalano Shipping has been backed up and strengthened by the Fratelli Cosulich Group, a collaboration that allows them to benefit from reliable mutual support. This conjunction of forces also brought about the development of the label and group “AGents” which started in 2012.

The core purpose was to create a solid network of yacht agents, through the establishment of a common frame and commitment for all affiliated offices, guaranteeing a similar level of service to their customers in each location of operation.