Corsica Yacht Services, operating under the esteemed Catalano Shipping Services Group and embraced by the commercial brand A-Gents, stands as the premier yacht agent service on the captivating French island of Corsica.

Comprehensive yacht support:
Distinguished for their unwavering commitment to excellence, Corsica Yacht Services offers a spectrum of services encompassing general assistance, official formalities, berthing arrangements, customs facilitation, seamless transport solutions, travel coordination, efficient bunkering services, curated provisions of food and drinks, expert repair services, and reliable medical assistance.

A-Gents touch:
As a proud member of the Catalano Shipping Services Group and operating under the A-Gents commercial brand, Corsica Yacht Services benefits from the extensive network and expertise of these renowned entities. This affiliation ensures a seamless integration of services and a commitment to the highest standards in the yachting industry.

Tailored Solutions for yachting excellence:
Corsica Yacht Services understands the unique needs of yacht owners and crew, delivering tailored solutions that go beyond the ordinary. From navigating official procedures to providing top-notch repair services, the team is dedicated to enhancing every aspect of the yachting experience.

Holistic Yacht Agent expertise:
With a holistic approach to yacht agency services, Corsica Yacht Services remains a trusted partner for yacht owners and captains seeking excellence in every port of call. The team's proficiency extends across a wide array of essential services, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable yachting experience on the enchanting shores of Corsica.

For yacht enthusiasts seeking unparalleled support and meticulous attention to detail, Corsica Yacht Services stands as the epitome of excellence in yacht agency services, embodying the ethos of A-Gents and the Catalano Shipping Services Group.