In a strategic move signaling growth and expansion, the Cosulich Group proudly announces the acquisition of ASSA Adriatic Ship Supply Agency. This dynamic company, established with a clear vision and steered by a seasoned team with over two decades of expertise in ship supply and logistics, has swiftly emerged as a formidable player in its region.

A Regional powerhouse:
ASSA stands tall as a recognized force in the maritime landscape of the Adriatic. In a remarkably short span since its foundation, the company has established itself as a key player, committed to meeting diverse demands for supply, service, and replacement across the Eastern Adriatic. Its extensive coverage spans major ports and shipyards, solidifying its presence in this crucial maritime region.

Synergies in action:
The acquisition of ASSA is a testament to the synergies within the Cosulich Group. This strategic move harmonizes the strengths of two entities intimately linked to the Group—Dragon Maritime Group, specializing in shipping agency services with a focus on Central Europe and the Balkans, and Simmor Marine, a prominent yacht agency in Croatia and the broader Adriatic area.

Diversification through ship chandling:
With the addition of ASSA to its portfolio, the Cosulich Group extends its reach into the ship chandling sector. This diversification underscores the Group's commitment to offering comprehensive solutions across the maritime spectrum. The acquisition strategically positions the Cosulich Group to meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry, providing a one-stop destination for a wide array of services.

A Yachting legacy continues:
The acquisition of ASSA reinforces the Cosulich Group's enduring presence in the yachting industry. Building on its existing ventures, such as Morgan4Ship and the acquisition of Monaco Yacht Partner, the addition of ASSA reaffirms the Group's dedication to serving the specialized needs of the yachting community.

Navigating the future:
As the Cosulich Group charts its course forward, the acquisition of ASSA marks a pivotal step in its ongoing journey. With a commitment to excellence, the Group continues to expand its horizons, ensuring a robust and versatile presence in key maritime sectors. The acquisition of ASSA serves as a beacon, guiding the Cosulich Group toward new opportunities and heights in the ever-evolving maritime landscape.


ASSA Adriatic Ship Supply Agency management