Established as the easternmost arm within the expansive Catalano Shipping network, Catalano Shipping Services New Zealand (Catalano Shipping NZ) stands as the 11th office under the Catalano umbrella. This venture originated from a fruitful collaboration initiated in 2002, leveraging the combined expertise of local professionals and the esteemed Fratelli Cosulich Group offices.

Catalano Shipping NZ operates as a premier Superyacht shoreside support agency strategically based in Auckland, with a robust network extending across the region. Auckland, recognized as the main Superyacht hub for the Pacific, holds a pivotal position in the Far East yachting area.

Comprehensive Yachting services:
Catalano Shipping NZ excels in providing comprehensive shore support services for Superyachts, encompassing a spectrum of needs. From managing immigration and customs formalities to facilitating charter permits and navigating local tax policies, the agency ensures a seamless experience for yacht owners and crew. The services extend to provisioning, bunkering, uniform supply, crafting itineraries, crew placement, and overseeing refits, among other vital aspects.

Key role in America's cup:
Demonstrating its prowess, Catalano Shipping NZ played a pivotal role during the America's Cup held in New Zealand. The agency's involvement in this prestigious event underscored its capabilities in orchestrating and managing complex logistics, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in the Superyacht industry.

Strategic positioning in Auckland:
Auckland's strategic positioning as the primary Superyacht hub for the Pacific enhances Catalano Shipping NZ's ability to cater to the diverse needs of yachts in the region. The agency leverages this advantageous location to provide efficient and tailored solutions, establishing itself as a go-to service provider for Superyachts navigating the South Pacific.

In essence, Catalano Shipping Services New Zealand emerges as a beacon of excellence in Superyacht shoreside support, combining local expertise with the global proficiency of the Catalano Shipping network. Through its strategic positioning, comprehensive services, and notable contributions to high-profile events, Catalano Shipping NZ continues to elevate the Superyacht experience in New Zealand and the broader South Pacific region.


Catalano Shipping Services New Zealand management