Catalano Shipping Services (CSS) Singapore embodies a fusion of local maritime knowledge and international proficiency, dedicated to fulfilling the diverse needs of captains, crew, owners, and charterers navigating Singapore's waters.

Internationally recognized Yacht Agency:
An extension of Catalano Shipping, a distinguished yacht agency spanning Monaco, Venice, Cannes, St Tropez, La Ciotat, Corsica, and Sentosa, CSS Singapore assures top-tier yacht services with immediate availability for clients in need of assistance.

Strategic partnership with Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers(s) Pte Ltd:
In acknowledgment of Singapore's pivotal role as an Asian hub for repairs and maintenance, Catalano Shipping Services collaborated with Fratelli Cosulich, establishing CSS-Singapore in 2014. Leveraging Fratelli Cosulich's robust commercial bunker management and significant maintenance budget, CSS Singapore navigates a network of trusted relationships with yards, dealers, contractors, and suppliers, delivering unparalleled technical services.

CSS Singapore's range of services:
From yacht clearances, formalities, and berth reservations to comprehensive shipyard consultation, project management for refit and repair, engagement of contractors and vendors, sourcing and procurement of yacht supplies, officers and crew travel management, to tax-efficient import/export of ships supplies and provisioning, CSS-Singapore offers a comprehensive suite of services.

Commitment to excellence in Yachting services:
Catalano Shipping Services Singapore takes pride in delivering exceptional quality and efficiency, simplifying the yachting experience for captains, crew, owners, and charterers. Its commitment to excellence ensures a seamless and enriched journey for all involved parties.


Catalano Shipping Services Singapore management