Drawing inspiration from decades of excellence in the Mediterranean region, Catalano Shipping Services and the A-Gents network have extended their commitment to providing top-tier service to superyachts exploring the captivating expanse of the largest archipelago globally—Indonesia. The realization of this vision led to the establishment of Catalano Shipping Indonesia, headquartered in Bali, to deliver a diverse array of tailored services, mirroring the high standards set in the Mediterranean.

Catalano Shipping Indonesia takes pride in offering superyacht guests a spectrum of experiences to enrich their onboard moments. From technical assistance and refueling to the supply of spare parts, comprehensive maintenance management, and facilitating necessary authorizations and permits, the company ensures seamless navigation in adherence to local regulations.

The coordination of bunkering activities stands out as a core competency of Catalano Shipping Services Indonesia. This encompasses the entire spectrum, from fuel delivery to logistical and transport requirements, where the team excels in providing optimal solutions for the transportation of goods and crew between locations. The specialized and experienced team goes beyond bunkering services, extending their expertise to offer curated tours of Indonesia—whether by land, sea, or air. This unique service enables superyacht clients to explore the archipelago's most exotic and pristine destinations directly from their luxury vessels.

In tandem with their commitment to ensuring the best logistics and transport solutions, Catalano Shipping Services Indonesia pays meticulous attention to detail. The company understands that creating the perfect superyacht experience requires precision and dedication, aspects deeply ingrained in their operational philosophy. As they continue to navigate the seas of excellence, Catalano Shipping Services Indonesia stands as a beacon in the yachting industry, dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and unforgettable experiences against the backdrop of Indonesia's enchanting archipelago.