Established in 1997 as Catalano Shipping Services Monaco, our company embarked on a mission to provide exceptional support to large yachts. Since 2002, our presence has expanded, with offices strategically positioned across the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Pacific.

Comprehensive yacht and ship services:
As a premier Yacht and Ship Agency, we facilitate berths, handle custom formalities, provide technical support, manage clearances, and curate concierge/event planning services. We also offer fiscal representation, continually striving to enhance service quality and efficiency through capable teams and digital innovation.

Diversification into shipment and consignment:
In response to the diverse delivery needs of vessels, we ventured into shipment and consignment services. This expansion led to the establishment of a specialized subsidiary. Our express shipment arm, 'La Route Du Sud,' meticulously monitors global on-time deliveries.

Partnerships and client services:
Our yacht service teams have forged robust relationships with premier suppliers. This allows us to guide clients towards the finest local products, activities, and establishments.

Collaboration and strengthening:
Since 2002, our journey has been fortified by the esteemed Fratelli Cosulich Group. This collaboration amplifies our capabilities and reliability. The collaboration also led to the inception of the 'AGents' label and group in 2012.

Unified commitment to excellence:
“AGent” unifies yacht agents under a shared commitment, ensuring a consistent, unparalleled level of service across all our operational locations. Our core purpose remains the creation of a robust network of yacht agents, united by a commitment to exceptional service delivery.