Established in 2009 as a visionary greenfield project, Officine Tecnosider is a leading steel rerolling plant that has evolved into an industry trailblazer. The venture commenced with Trasteel holding an initial 30% stake, later expanding to a majority 51% in 2020. The remaining 49% is proudly owned by Vanomet, a prominent name in international steel trading.

Impressive production capacity and product range:
Officine Tecnosider stands tall with an impressive annual production capacity of 400,000 metric tons, specializing in the manufacturing of plates and round bars. The plant boasts a diverse product range tailored to meet customer specifications. From standard structural grades to boiler steel, quenching & tempering steel, and steel for pressure vessels, Officine Tecnosider's offerings cover a comprehensive spectrum.

Rapid growth and flexibility:
Embarking on its production journey in 2011, Officine Tecnosider achieved full capacity within a remarkably short timeframe – less than a year. This rapid growth is a testament to the company's efficiency and commitment to delivering excellence. The plant is adept at accommodating specific customer requests, ensuring tailor-made solutions with a range of analyses certified to international standards.

Prime location and strategic presence:
Strategically positioned in San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine), Officine Tecnosider operates in a location that enhances its logistical efficiency. Close proximity to two major ports and key European customers underscores the company's commitment to seamless operations and timely deliveries.

Officine Tecnosider, with its innovative approach and commitment to quality, continues to be a driving force in the steel rerolling industry.