Founded in 2009, Trasteel Group, emerged as a visionary force in the steel industry, bringing together entrepreneurs and professionals with 40 years of international experience.
The Group's core mission remains steadfast: to provide comprehensive trading services in a spectrum of steel-related products while strategically investing in the steel transformation sector.
Committed to offering a comprehensive service in trading steel-related products and investing in selected opportunities, the group prioritizes quality control by supervising production directly on-site with its commercial partners. Beyond quality, Trasteel provides a 360° service, incorporating various transport and logistic services for a tailor-made experience.
Beyond standard services, the Group has expanded its horizons to become a hybrid platform, offering a broad range of services, including gas and power. Furthermore, Trasteel has ventured into the carbon credit business, a rapidly growing interest, seeking sustainable solutions.
While the industrial growth of Trasteel remains remarkable, the trading facet remains the heart of its operations. The company remains deeply entrenched in steel trading while expanding its influence into consumables such as raw materials, electrodes, refractories, and more.
Notable industrial investments from the previous year include Officine Tecnosider in San Giorgio di Nogaro, Tamac Coils service center in Massa, Yugotub in Serbia, Fematek special carpentry in Turkey, and the recent acquisition of Profilmec Group
Trasteel continues its influence with minority investments in selected production units of refractories and electrodes in China.
In 2020, Trasteel joined forces with the Fratelli Cosulich Group, marking a pivotal moment for both entities, and strengthening  the common mission of fostering stable and long-term relationships with reliable partners globally.

Within the Trasteel umbrella, Trasteel Makina ve Ticaret A.S. takes the forefront in heavy carpentry production, offering a diverse array of products tailored to various commercial and industrial needs. Boasting seasoned expertise with over two decades of experience collaborating with major OEMs, Trasteel Makina ensures unparalleled proficiency. Its impressive reference list attests to its capability to deliver competitive lead times, top-notch quality, and cost-effective solutions.
Strategically located in Istanbul and Izmir, Trasteel Makina optimizes logistical efficiency, facilitating seamless connections by sea or truck to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Serving as a reliable partner in heavy carpentry solutions, the company provides a perfect blend of experience, quality, and strategic logistics for clients across diverse industries. 
The commitment to excellence is evident in the ability of Trasteel to exceed expectations, establishing itself as a global player in the steel transformation sector.