Established in 1977, Marlines S.r.l. stands as a stalwart shipping and maritime agency with a rich legacy in the transport sector. Specializing in door-to-door maritime and onshore transport, Marlines caters to regions spanning the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and destinations beyond the Straits.

Pinnacle of experience:
Backed by decades of experience as a shipping agency, Marlines excels in recommending optimal solutions for more than 300 ships annually. Its extensive network of relationships with industry operators, coupled with efficiency and dynamism, positions Marlines as a trusted partner offering tailored solutions in diverse conditions.

Integration into Fratelli Cosulich Group:
Being an integral part of the Fratelli Cosulich Group enhances Marlines' ability to provide superior services in terms of offerings, quality, and financial stability. Leveraging the group's 160 years of maritime experience, headquartered in Trieste, Marlines extends a wide array of cross-border and international solutions.

Global network and quality staff:
Marlines combines its well-established network across various industrial sectors with global presence and a skilled team possessing comprehensive know-how. This strategic alignment allows Marlines to offer unparalleled services to its clientele.

Strategic memberships:
Marlines S.r.l. holds a significant position as one of the founding members of NEST (European Network of Services and Transport). This affiliation empowers Marlines to oversee the entire transport cycle for freight shipments passing through Porto Nogaro, Monfalcone, Trieste, and neighboring ports, utilizing rail and road services.

Collaborative partnerships:
As a partner of C&C Transport S.r.l., Marlines actively contributes to managing barges utilized for the maritime transport of slabs from the port of Monfalcone to Porto Nogaro, serving the steelworks of the Aussa Corno industrial area.

Expansion into container shipping:
Embarking on a new chapter in 2023, Marlines integrates its extensive service portfolio to include a container shipping service from all national ports. This expansion comes with a commitment to excellence and a dedicated staff poised to meet evolving industry demands. With a forward-looking approach, Marlines S.r.l. continues to navigate the seas of maritime solutions with unwavering commitment and innovation.