In a pivotal move to fortify its presence in the international maritime transport sector, the Fratelli Cosulich Group has successfully integrated Ciscato & Company S.r.l. into its corporate framework. This strategic development reflects the group's commitment to growth and synergy within the maritime industry.

Decades of maritime expertise:
Founded in December 1986 and based in Vicenza, Ciscato & Company S.r.l. boasts over three decades of profound experience in the global maritime transport sector. Its specialization lies in providing conventional maritime services from the North Adriatic to the United Kingdom, fostering enduring partnerships with major players in the Italian and British steel industries.

Versatile maritime solutions:
Beyond its core services, Ciscato & Company's adept team manages export shipments to diverse regions, handles container shipping across continents, and offers tailored solutions for shipping exceptional packages and project cargo. The company is also instrumental in providing import services for steel products, offering a comprehensive suite of services from container unloading to nationwide distribution.

Strategic collaboration for regional strength:
The collaboration between Ciscato & Company and the Fratelli Cosulich Group is strategically founded on the shared objective of building synergies to enhance the group's foothold in the North East region. Importantly, the founders of Ciscato & Company will maintain operational and leadership roles, ensuring continuity and a seamless transition.

Forward-looking synergy:
This strategic integration reflects the forward-looking approach of both companies, fostering a positive and synergistic collaboration aimed at enhancing their collective capabilities and better serving the evolving needs of the maritime transport sector. The collaboration signifies a commitment to continuity and development in the services offered, aligned with industry dynamics and future growth opportunities.