Express Adriatica, established in July 2005 in Venice, is the result of a joint venture between Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A. and Express Global Italy. The company functions as a service provider, specializing in various maritime services, including customs manifest preparation, equipment delivery and retrieval, and issuance of import and export customs documents.

Key services:
Express Adriatica offers a range of services, such as meticulous preparation of customs manifests for all types of vessels, timely delivery and retrieval of on-board supplies, and the electronic issuance of import and export customs documents. The company actively assists in the loading and unloading of various cargo types, both in stowage and containers.

Distinguished clients:
Among its esteemed clientele, Express Adriatica proudly serves companies like Fratelli Cosulich Spa, Cosco Shipping, Express Global Genova, Link Trading Genova, Borchard Line, Metinvest, and Calle del Mar. The company provides comprehensive support for all port-related activities within the maritime transport sector, including the compilation and submission of bills of lading, mate receipts, shipment handling, and the return of goods of any nature and kind.

Strategic locations:
With its central office strategically positioned in front of the Directorate of Customs in Venice, Express Adriatica conducts daily operational practices and customs formalities for the Marghera Commercial Port. Peripheral offices are also strategically located at key points of goods entry in the city, including the Marco Polo International Airport and the Marghera Interport. The company maintains national and international correspondents.

Logistical advantage:
Express Adriatica benefits from a logistical advantage, being just three minutes away from the main gate of the port. This allows for prompt interventions in all concessionaire terminals, fostering excellent relationships and rapport thanks to the longstanding collaborations of its personnel.

Efficient coordination:
Leveraging a robust transportation network, Express Adriatica ensures precise coordination for shipments and the subsequent forwarding to or from ships, with remarkably fast delivery terms.