Express Global HK Limited, previously known as Gruden Hong Kong, was established in 2004 as a dynamic freight forwarding company under the general management of its Italian parent company, Archimede Gruden S.r.l. Serving as a strategic bridge for the Far East market, Express Global HK has evolved to become a trusted name in logistics with a commitment to excellence.

A legacy of customer-centric values
With over 90 years of continuous management under the same owners and steadfast adherence to the same values, Express Global HK inherits a deep corporate culture that places a strong emphasis on customer relationships and the delivery of high-standard quality services. The company's enduring commitment to these values forms the cornerstone of its success.

Global presence, local expertise
AGS HK has garnered global presence and expertise over the years, enabling it to offer customers services of the highest quality. The company provides a wide range of international shipping and logistics solutions, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable approach to meeting the unique needs of businesses in the Far East market.

Tailor-made solutions for swift and proactive operations
At Express Global HK Limited, customers are the top priority. The company excels in crafting tailor-made solutions that enable swift and proactive operations, ensuring deadlines are met with precision. Leveraging technology, Express Global HK provides customized end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) tools that enhance the efficiency of its operations, setting a new standard in Far East logistics.

Strategic collaboration for international expansion
Since 2020, Express Global HK has joined forces with the Fratelli Cosulich Group through its main company, Archimede Gruden. This strategic collaboration has propelled Express Global HK Limited to broaden its network and synergies, elevating its services to an even more international and diversified level. This alliance reflects a commitment to providing unparalleled logistics solutions on a global scale.

Express Global HK Limited is a perfect and strategic partner in Far East logistics, where customer-centric values, global expertise, and innovative solutions converge to drive business forward.