Established in Genoa in 2012, Creuza de Ma emerged from the expertise of a team of professionals specializing in heavy lift and break bulk maritime transport. Swiftly evolving into one of Italy's most dynamic shipping agencies, the company's journey took a significant turn in 2017 through a joint venture with the Fratelli Cosulich Group, giving rise to Calle de Mar S.r.l. in Venice. Since 2023, the company has been wholly owned by the Fratelli Cosulich Group.

Versatility across maritime sectors:
Calle de Mar is a specialized agency, excelling in the maritime transport of large cargoes. However, its operational scope extends to diverse sectors, including bulk, ro-ro, containers, and tankers. The core values of unity, elevated professionalism, and innovation define Calle de Mar as an ideal and reliably steadfast partner in maritime endeavors.

Operational hub in Genoa, global network:
While the operational headquarters is situated in Genoa, Calle de Mar boasts a robust network of local agents strategically positioned in major Italian ports. These agents share in the company's high professionalism and specialize in services akin to those provided by Calle de Mar.

Comprehensive maritime services:
Calle de Mar is not merely an agency; it's a comprehensive maritime solutions provider. Beyond core operations, the group extends its services to encompass additional offerings. This includes intricately devised stowage plans utilizing cutting-edge programs, support from experienced port captains, qualified surveyors and experts, land-based transportation, and ancillary port services such as embarkation and disembarkation assistance.

Association affiliations:
Proudly associated with Federagenti, Itasba, and Assagenti, Calle de Mar aligns itself with industry-leading associations, further affirming its commitment to industry best practices and excellence.

Innovation, Unity, and Reliability:
Calle de Mar embodies a commitment to innovation, unity, and unwavering reliability. These principles not only define its operational ethos but also position the company as a trusted and innovative partner in the maritime realm.

Navigating the future:
As a proud member of the Fratelli Cosulich Group, Calle de Mar is poised to navigate the future with resilience and excellence. The complete integration into the Fratelli Cosulich Group enhances its capabilities and strengthens its position as a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of maritime operations.