Dragon Maritime Beograde has emerged as a prominent shipping agency providing comprehensive services primarily in the Balkans and Central Europe. With strategic headquarters in Koper, Slovenia, the company has extended its reach through essential offices in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Strategic presence in key locations:
Dragon Maritime strategically positions itself with key offices in Croatia, where it engages in chartering business, as well as in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This multi-location presence allows the company to efficiently cater to the diverse needs of clients across the region.

Proud representation of COSCO Shipping Lines:
In the Western Balkans, Dragon Maritime takes pride in representing the national flag carrier of one of the world's leading shipping companies, COSCO Shipping Lines Co. Ltd. As the general agent for COSCO, the company plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless and efficient transport services.

Comprehensive transport solutions:
Dragon Maritime, as a part of one of the largest shipping groups globally, leverages its affiliation to offer an extensive range of transport services. Specializing in container transport, the company ensures swift and reliable deliveries. Through synergies with other entities within the group, Dragon Maritime expands its service portfolio to include project cargo solutions, conventional and containerized trucking, forwarding, cargo inspection, and warehousing.

Diverse carrier representation:
Beyond COSCO, Dragon Maritime acts as a representative for Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL), Liberty Global (LGL), and several niche carriers. This diverse representation enhances the company's ability to meet the varied requirements of its clientele.

Global affiliation with Multiport Ship Agency Network:
Dragon Maritime is a proud member of the Multiport Ship Agency Network, the world's largest independent ship agency network. This affiliation reinforces the company's global reach and its commitment to maintaining international standards of service.

Recognized expertise in the Western Balkans:
With extensive experience as a freight forwarder, Dragon Maritime has earned recognition as one of the leading shipping companies in the Western Balkans. Operating in a strategically vital area, the company benefits from the Port of Koper, a key infrastructure in the Adriatic.

Forward-thinking approach:
Dragon Maritime continues to uphold its commitment to excellence and innovation in the shipping and logistics sector. The company's forward-thinking approach, combined with its global affiliations and strategic partnerships, positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape of maritime services in the Balkans and beyond. Dragon Maritime Slovenia remains dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions and contributing to the growth and efficiency of the shipping industry in the region.

Dragon Maritime Beograde d.o.o. management