COSCO Shipping Italy emerged as a strategic joint venture between COSCON Europe GmbH, the European arm of COSCON Shanghai, and the esteemed holding company Fratelli Cosulich Spa. The company's inception in 2005, born out of a pre-existing relationship with COSCOS S.r.l., positions it as a pivotal General Agent in Italy for COSCO Shipping Lines Co. Ltd., the container-focused branch of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited.

Strategic ports and global connectivity:
COSCO Shipping Italy strategically operates in key Italian ports, including Genoa, Vado, La Spezia, Leghorn, Naples, and Salerno along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Across the Adriatic Sea, its presence is felt in Ancona, Venice, Ravenna, Rijeka, Trieste, and Bari, along with Catania on the Ionian Sea. This expansive network facilitates the acceptance of cargo to and from major global destinations.

Comprehensive office presence:
With offices in Naples and Milan, and a well-organized sub-agent network in various ports such as Venice, La Spezia, Leghorn, Ancona, Ravenna, Rijeka, and Trieste, COSCO Shipping Italy ensures total coverage from North to South and East to West, meeting the diverse needs of its clientele.

Mighty fleet and global reach:
COSCO Shipping Italy commands an impressive fleet of 489 vessels, boasting some of the most advanced ultra-large carriers. Operating across 404 routes, its services reach a staggering 576 ports in 140 countries, seamlessly integrating a multimodal transport system for efficient logistics.

Synergies within the COSCO Group:
Despite its autonomy, COSCO Shipping Italy strategically leverages the synergies within the COSCO Group. Collaborations in various operational and strategic aspects, particularly within the IT division, showcase the Group's commitment to delivering seamless services to customers, with a notable cooperation with GeneSYS Informatica.

Future-oriented vision:
With a forward-looking approach, COSCO Shipping Italy is dedicated to "delivering values," echoing the shared mission with the Fratelli Cosulich Group. This mission revolves around customer-centricity and the commitment to providing high-quality services, setting the course for a future of maritime excellence.