In a dynamic collaboration that blends the professional experience of Arkas Group with the extensive know-how of Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A., the joint venture known as ARKAS Italia S.r.l. has thrived in its initial years of operation. The strategic partnership has propelled the company into a trajectory of rapid growth, expanding its presence in the trade sector with notable success. This accomplishment has elevated Italy to a key position within the ARKAS Group's global operations.

Established in Genoa on July 2007, by the Turkish companies ARKAS Holding and URSA Mariport Invest, ARKAS Italia embarked on its journey as a shipping agency in Italy. A significant milestone was reached on December 2010, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding in Izmir. This agreement solidified Arkas Denizcilik ve Nakliyat AS and Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A. as the shareholders of ARKAS Italia S.r.l.

Expansive service network for seamless connections:
ARKAS Italia boasts a robust service network that seamlessly connects various regions of Italy, from the North to the South, to key ports in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, West Africa, and USA. The company takes pride in delivering first-class services characterized by regular frequency and short transit times, cementing its position as a trusted player in the shipping industry.

Comprehensive logistic solutions with inland haulage:
With a dedicated network of logistic partners and inland terminals, ARKAS Italia facilitates the movement of over 25,000 trucks annually. This comprehensive approach allows the company to offer clients a full spectrum of logistic solutions. The efficient coordination of transport services and terminal operations ensures the seamless flow of goods, contributing to the success of ARKAS Italia and the satisfaction of its clientele.

A visionary partnership shaping maritime excellence:
The collaboration between Arkas Group and Fratelli Cosulich S.p.a. stands as a testament to visionary partnerships in the maritime industry. ARKAS Italia S.r.l. not only embodies the convergence of expertise but also represents a commitment to providing unparalleled shipping and logistics services. The strategic positioning of Italy within ARKAS Group's global framework underscores the company's dedication to growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

As ARKAS Italia continues to navigate the seas of success, the synergy between shareholders propels the company forward, setting the stage for continued excellence in the maritime and logistics arena.