A Commitment to Excellence:
Fratelli Cosulich Ship Management, an innovative arm of the Fratelli Cosulich Group, pledges unwavering dedication to delivering superior ship management services. At its core, the company boasts a seasoned team of maritime professionals with a proven track record, ensuring clients benefit from a wealth of experience and reliability.

Innovative Practices and Environmental Responsibility:
Distinguished by its forward-thinking approach, Fratelli Cosulich Ship Management actively incorporates cutting-edge technologies and practices to curtail its environmental impact. Its commitment extends to achieving zero spills, incidents, and emissions, reinforced by an Integrated Management System (IMS) certification in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 29001, and ISO 45001.

Diverse Specializations in Ship Management:
Fratelli Cosulich Ship Management navigates a broad spectrum of services, encompassing the full spectrum of ship management and operations. From hands-on marine and operational intricacies, technical management nuances, to the intricacies of shipbuilding and repair, the company's expertise extends seamlessly across these domains.

Leveraging Expertise in Ship Operations:
At the forefront of its offerings, Fratelli Cosulich Ship Management excels in ship operation and maintenance, demonstrating prowess in managing LNG/LPG/Tankers, Carrier operations, Dry Bulk, General Cargo, FSRUs, FLNG, and FPSOs. This multifaceted approach positions the company as a comprehensive partner in maritime operations.

Technical Proficiency and Excellence in Management:
The company's technical management arm extends beyond routine tasks, encompassing project management, new building supervision, ship conversion, and comprehensive inspection, repair, and maintenance. It embraces a proactive approach to ensure optimal vessel performance, structural integrity, and compliance with industry standards.

Innovative Solutions in LNG Consultancy:
Fratelli Cosulich Ship Management stands out in LNG consultancy, offering tailored solutions in project management, risk evaluation (HAZOP/HAZID), marine and shore terminal operations, training, and human resources. The company's prowess in Ship-to-Ship operations and compatibility assessments reinforces its commitment to delivering holistic LNG services.

Holistic Approach to Human Resources and Crew Manning:
With an ISO accredited crewing company based in Trieste, Fratelli Cosulich Ship Management places human resources at the forefront. The company meticulously selects and manages crew members, offering comprehensive services spanning training programs, administration, payroll, and finance. The commitment to crew well-being underscores the company's dedication to fostering a skilled and motivated workforce.

Fratelli Cosulich Ship Management weaves these elements seamlessly, defining ship management as a nuanced, long-term relationship business. It prioritizes safety, client satisfaction, and crew welfare, setting new benchmarks in the maritime industry's operational, health, safety, security, and environmental landscape.