ECOS S.r.l. stands as a specialized ships and assets management company with a profound focus on the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Bringing forth a wealth of expertise, particularly in LNG (FLNG, FSRU, and LNG Carriers), ECOS has established itself as a key player in the sector. The company emerged in 2010 through the amalgamation of the seasoned proficiency of Exmar Shipmanagement and the extensive experience and network of Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A.

Independent entity with full-spectrum capabilities:
Today, ECOS operates as an independent entity, boasting comprehensive technical, operational, and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) capabilities in-house. This autonomy positions ECOS as a dynamic force capable of navigating the complexities of offshore operations with efficiency and precision.

Invaluable contributions to LNG carrier conversion:
ECOS played a pivotal role as an expert consultant during the conversion phase of an LNG Carrier into an FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) at a shipyard in Dubai. This endeavor showcased ECOS's prowess in overseeing intricate processes and ensuring seamless transitions in the offshore LNG landscape.

Operations and maintenance excellence:
Since December 20, 2013, ECOS has executed the Operations and Maintenance Contract for the FSRU TOSCANA. Owned by OFFSHORE LNG TOSCANA S.p.A., this floating regasification unit is permanently anchored offshore and boasts a substantial storage capacity of 137,500 cubic meters of LNG. With a regasification capacity exceeding 3.75 billion Sm3, ECOS continues to uphold operational excellence in managing this critical offshore asset.

ECOS S.r.l. remains at the forefront of offshore Oil & Gas management, embodying a commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainable practices.