Established in 2016, Pimlico Shipping Ltd has firmly anchored its presence in the maritime landscape. With its headquarters as the helm, the company is dedicated to shipowning, strategically navigating the industry with a clear vision and purpose.

A fleet of strength:
Pimlico proudly owns and operates a diverse fleet comprising four vessels, each contributing to the company's maritime prowess: M/V Vulcania: 82,000 DWT, M/V Saturnia: 39,000 DWT, M/V Stellina: 26,052 DWT, M/V TOTO: 7,967 DWT
These vessels not only symbolize the strength of Pimlico's fleet but also serve as instrumental assets in providing comprehensive charter services.

Business strategy and charter services:
At the core of Pimlico's business strategy lies the acquisition of bulk carriers, facilitating the provision of charter services. The company strategically collaborates with other enterprises to deliver enhanced solutions, ensuring optimal benefits for stakeholders. By offering a cost-effective alternative, Pimlico enables companies to access and operate ships without the intricate costs and responsibilities associated with direct ownership.

Focused expansion and asset base:
Pimlico's strategic approach allows the company, and by extension, the broader Group, to concentrate on acquiring and maintaining a robust fleet. This focus extends to the expansion of charter services, aligning with the company's commitment to better serve stakeholders. Looking ahead, Pimlico has set its sights on expanding its vessel fleet, affirming its dedication to building a formidable asset base.

Commitment to excellence:
Pimlico is resolute in its commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. The company's proven business strategy, coupled with this unwavering commitment, positions Pimlico Shipping Ltd for success in the competitive shipowning industry. As it charts the course for growth and expansion, the company is poised to create a solid foundation, ensuring that stakeholders reap the benefits of its maritime journey.