Nestledin Venice, Ambro Terminal stands as a pivotal player in the maritime landscape. Boasting a strategic location less than 1 km from the port of Marghera, it serves as a key gateway for seamless and efficient maritime operations.

Operating hours:
Ambro Terminal is your reliable partner with operational hours tailored to meet your needs. Open from 7 a.m. to 19 a.m., the terminal ensures accessibility during crucial timeframes for shipping activities.

Secure and monitored environment:
At Ambro Terminal, security is paramount. The entire area, spanning 13,000 sqm, is under 24/7 video surveillance. This commitment to a secure environment provides peace of mind, safeguarding valuable assets and operations.

Weight verification made easy:
Ambro Terminal recognizes the importance of accurate weight verification. For Verification of Gross Mass (VGM) purposes, the terminal features a dedicated weight station, streamlining the process and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Maintenance and repair hub:
Beyond its role as a transit point, Ambro Terminal is fully equipped for maintenance and repair activities of containers. The terminal's facilities are designed to support the upkeep of containers, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of maritime logistics.

Excellence in maritime services:
Ambro Terminal exemplifies excellence in maritime services, providing a comprehensive infrastructure that caters to the diverse needs of the shipping industry. Whether for transit, maintenance, or repair, the terminal's commitment to operational excellence shines through.

Ambro Terminal for unmatched maritime support:
In the bustling maritime landscape, Ambro Terminal stands out as a reliable and efficient partner. With its strategic location, secure environment, and dedicated facilities, the terminal is poised to elevate your maritime operations to new heights. Experience the epitome of maritime support with Ambro Terminal, where efficiency meets excellence.