Agenzia Marittima Saidelli, the esteemed Saidelli Shipping Agency, stands as a venerable pillar in the illustrious history of Savona Port's shipping landscape. Originating from the Saidelli family of Trieste and rooted in Liguria since the post-World War II era, this agency has been an enduring presence, intertwining family legacy with maritime prowess.

Foundations of Leadership:
Founded in the mid-sixties by Commander Alfredo Saidelli, Saidelli Shipping Agency has been a custodian of maritime traditions. The mantle of leadership was gracefully passed to his son, Luigi Saidelli, who steered the agency with distinction until its integration into the Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A. family. The seamless transition was a testament to the longstanding camaraderie between former board members of Saidelli Shipping and the Fratelli Cosulich Group.

Tramp Traffic Expertise:
Saidelli Shipping Agency has carved its niche in Tramp traffic, demonstrating a distinct affinity for black and liquid bulk cargoes, as well as cereals. Over the years, the agency has evolved, expanding its expertise to become a key player in the Cruise sector. The pivotal moment came with the agency's representation of Costa Cruises, starting from the historic arrival of m/s "Costa Riviera" on November 1st, 1996. Saidelli Shipping has played an integral role in the transition of Costa Crociere to a self-produced ship agency, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the cruise industry.

Integral Role within Fratelli Cosulich Group:
Presently, Saidelli Shipping Agency operates at nearly 360°, leveraging the comprehensive capabilities bestowed by its membership in the Fratelli Cosulich Group. This affiliation allows the agency to provide specialized services across the entire spectrum of the shipping industry. The Group's all-encompassing specialization in various shipping sectors ensures that Saidelli Shipping remains at the forefront of maritime excellence.

A Dedicated Team at Your Service:
The dynamic team comprising Giulia, Paolo, Helmy, Matteo, and Fabio embodies the ethos of Saidelli Shipping Agency. With unwavering dedication and expertise, they stand ready to assist, offering timely and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of the shipping industry. A simple call to Saidelli Shipping ensures a responsive answer to every maritime requirement.

Agenzia Marittima Saidelli continues to sail the seas of maritime excellence, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation under the esteemed umbrella of the Fratelli Cosulich Group.